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Deep down, each of us want to experience a true relationship that will give us love that we desperately desire. Have you ever wondered why your relationships keep failing? How many times have you thought it was him and not you? Do you have trust issues? Do you ever think to yourself, why doesn’t he stick around after sex? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you! Latasha R. Brown explains how the principles of love, trust, forgiveness and communication with God will produce a true and healthier relationship with your man. She gives her personal testimony of multiple failed relationships in her life that shifted her into a relationship with God. She ran out of options after all her relationships failed. With nothing to lose, she decided to have a real relationship with God. Read closely, but don’t just read to know her failures. She wants you to learn how God turned the worst relationships into wholeness and betterment through a relationship with Him. Latasha R. Brown has poured out her heart and life experiences in this book and what you will read is true transparency into how she became whole.

He Is Just Like A Relationship

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