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“A Prayer Guide for Church Intercessors” is an absolute must have for the Local Church Body. It reflects how imperative and necessary it is for the Intercessor to be “bulls eye targeted” as it pertains to prayer. This prayer guide is a helpful tool for the beginner as well as the seasoned Intercessor alike. Speaking the Word of God only is one of the greatest duties of the believer in Christ. Through this 31 Day Prayer Guide, experienced Intercessor Latasha R. Brown takes you on a biblical prayer journey that will crush the enemy every time!!! This is the perfect tool for any corporate prayer service, prayer line, prayer shut in, prayer crusade, consecration month, prayer revival, or just simply to enhance the prayer life of the believer. – Bishop Designate C.E. Brown III

A Prayer Guide for Church Intercessors - 31 Days of Prayer

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